Chianti and Poland even closer


Tuscany is one of the tourists’ favourite holiday destinations and it’s not difficult to imagine why: in an area of just a few kilometres there is one of the main concentration of Italian history, art and nature. From historical cities like Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca, Cortona up to ski or sea resorts and then finally the Chianti shire!

Spending your holiday in Tuscany also means traditional cooking, excellent wines, unique hospitality. Every year the number of tourists who choose the Chianti area for their vacation increases and for us this means improving the quality of the service and facilities we offer, so that their experience in Chianti will linger in their memory forever.

We feel the moral duty to share this experience also with those people who did not have the chance of spending some days in Tuscany. It’s not just a duty, though. It’s actually a pleasure, since it’s us visiting them.


In February we brought the Tuscan atmosphere to Laguna Beach (California), where Fabrizio and his wife Camilla introduced our cooking and our wines to a public of passionate “enonauts”. A few days ago we doubled the experience with Daniele and his wife Maddalena, who had organized an amazing evening in the Nicolaus Hotel of Torun.

The dinner consisted of four different courses, masterly combined with Monterinaldi wines: Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva, Chianti Classico “Vigneto Boscone” and Rosato IGT. For some of the participants it was a beautiful surprise, since they found out the importance of a good food-wine match.

The service provided by the Nicolaus Hotel staff has been impeccable.


A special guest joined us during this wonderful evening: Jarosław Wojtasiński or stage name of Jaro, our favourite cartoonist. Some lucky participants were gifted with the caricature that Jaro made of them!

To celebrate this evening and the always stronger link between Chianti shire and Poland, Jaro has created an amazing cartoon also for us: the Monterinaldi tortoise and the Polish bison sitting together at the table to symbolize their essential friendship. As an old Italian proverb says “At the table you don’t grow old!”.

May 2018 - Chianti & Poland - by Jaro for Monterinaldi®

May 2018 – Chianti & Poland – by Jaro for Monterinaldi®

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