There is in everything a maturity that must be waited for. My wines have come of age for our encounter

Daniele Ciampi


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the Count Gottifredo Gottizio
The Castle of Monte Rinaldi, situated in the commune of Radda in Chianti, in the center of the historic zone of Classical Chianti, is near an ancient Etruscan track. This historic site is mentioned in a document (written in December 1010), which refers to “the Count Gottifredo Gottizio, of Longobard stock and a gentleman of Monte Rinaldi.”


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an unforgettable experience
Take your time and let us turn your Chianti vacation into a real and friendly unforgettable experience. Give us few hours of your time, and you’ll get back them fullfilled with knowledge, sensations, smells, flavors. Close your eyes, breath in deeply, taste the wines, enjoy!

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the black rooster area
A land of ancient traditions, the area in Tuscany where Chianti Classico is produced for centuries is bounded to the north by the suburbs of Florence, to the east by the Chianti Mountains, to the south by the city of Siena and to the west by the valleys of three rivers.