Chianti Classico
Contemporary. Classic.

The estate’s vintage selection is a contemporary classic – the worthiest of all chosen harvests from Monterinaldi’s carapace. It is both field blend and a cellar cuvée into a worth greater than the sum of Monterinaldi’s single vineyards. The field blend is generously proportioned: heritage clones and classic varietals finely balanced: unity in variety, terroir representation – no expressionism. The Annata usually starts life in a secretive way before conceding herself.

Chianti Classico - Vigneto Boscone
The old youth

Deeply sunk into the stony ground of the Boscone vineyard, the roots of the Sangiovese tell their story of thirty years to express themselves with the red fruit and spicy aromas. Full and persistent elegance fill a glass for an unforgettable experience.

Chianti Classico Riserva
That certain moment if uncertainty.

When ripeness is not all, phenolic maturity must be waited for. It implies the willingess to risk failure and superior vineyard husbandry. And site and weather must be in favour of grape-concentration on the most ventilated range of summits. Hazards and opportunity. In the best of luck fermentation is very slow and the extraction promoted by its own mosto-fiore.

Purple Turtle

I’m Purple Turtle, Tuscan progeny of Time and Temperance. Heralded in Monterinaldi in the purlieus of Radda in Chianti, I have come of age to be with You. I’ve Kept a pace ahead of myself, but I’ve always caught up with the truth, from pruning time till time with You.

Il Rosato

The Rosé is Chianti Classico’s salasso, or seigné. Most of the Sangiovese chosen are of the Saragiolo clone – as the former sharecroppers still care to call them.

Aìre! Brut Rosé
I have dreams but am no dreamer

An expression of Sangiovese with an unprecedented lightness, fruity but not sweet, as befits a fine and character bubbles.

Gotto di Gottifredo
You Gotto have it!

This is first fruit from new vines parented by ancient mothervines. “Gotto” is Tuscan for a “good drop of young wine” and it is enjoyed the old way – in a Gottino: the wine glass pictured on the backlabel. You gotto have it!

Vin Santo
A total disregard for time.

When, after up to a decade of refermentations and maturation without racking, we knock the cement-seal off the little chestnut caratellos, we say it’s the angels’ share – the emptiness in the barrel. Our share and our consolation resembles a dry fine sherry. Our current offer still includes 1975 Vin Santo.

Not only wine:

Extravirgin Olive Oil
Extravirgin Olive Oil

Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino are hand picked from Monterinaldi’s golden trees and cold pressed: clorofilla and antioxidants retain their integrity. The yield in extravirgin olive oil is at best a mere 17% of the harvest.