Maddalena& Daniele

Remo’s second, Daniele began working in the family winery since 1974. He is also president of Alimondo Ciampi Foundation, supporting young people with a flair for figurative art.

Daniele and his wife Maddalena, who is Graduate Sommelier AIS, are lovers of nature, food and wine. But only the best one!


After attending agrarian studies, Mauro immediately became passionate about working farming.In the following years he specializes in the branch of the oenology which, so far, represents his professional interest.

In 1995 he joined Monterinaldi as an agronomist, working closely with the owner in strategic choices. Since 2011 he also has the role of internal enologist in the winery.

Fabrizio portrait


His great passion for this fantastic wine world, his constant desire to improve and to know and discover its infinite aspects, are among his most important peculiarity.

Graduate Sommelier AIS, O.N.A.V. assayer, and third level WSET international course.

Wine and food: true passions, which have long been a part of his work. What do you want more?


Born in Livorno in 1992, after classical studies in her hometown, she is passionate about the world of wine, graduating as Sommelier and graduating at the University of Pisa in Oenology and Viticulture at the end of 2014.

She then decides to deepen her oenological knowledge working abroad for wine-growing companies in New Zealand and France and then deciding to return to Italy.

From 2016 she lives in Chianti Classico where she would like to stay a lot! She loves to travel, jazz music, street artists, books, antiques markets, fireworks and… Sangiovese!

Beatrice Ancillotti

Monterinaldi Workers


What could we do without our precious workers? Here they are, left to right: Margherita, Patrizia, Pasquale, Adriana, Carmine, Samantha, Marco, Gregorio, Francesco S., Carlo, Teresa, e Francesco P.